How to get into Scrapbooking

Let me show you how you get into scrapbooking. Even if you think you can’t and you are not artistic by any means, you should get into scrapbooking. Why? Because it is the easiest and best way to preserve memories, and also, it's so relaxing and good for your mental health!

One really great thing about scrapbooking is that it is much easier to scrap these days because you can choose to do it with your computer and printer at home so you can easily get into scrapbooking.

Hybrid Scrapbooking is much more convenient than the traditional one. And less expensive. But either way is very enjoyable to do.

Reasons Why You should get into Scrapbooking

Here are some good reasons why you should start scrapbooking. Almost all of them are logical.

Scrapbooks Preserves Memories

Preserving memories is the number one reason why many people get into scrapbooking.

If you want to make sure that your family's history won't be forgotten, especially those loved ones who might no longer be with us, then you should scrap those great memories for as long as you are with them.

Documenting each family member's life will bring them alive for future generations to come, e.g. if the grandfather dies, his grandchildren will know what kind of person he was. This will surely help the family stick together and spend quality time while looking into the old scrapbooks.

You Can Scrap In Your Own Style

It is your own scrapbook that is why you can design and decorate it just the way you want!

Maybe you want a beach, animal, plants, or a Mexican theme, you can also check out some ideas and inspirations on the web.

There's no right or wrong when it comes to scrapbooking. You can use any picture you want. You can also add any lines or stories you want to. But it's important that you know that you need to write the stories. Scrapbooking is about the beautiful papers and lovely elements but the heart and soul of a scrapbook is beside the picture the story!

Scrapbooking is Fun and Relaxing

If you have so much on your plate and you want to vent out, scrapbooking is one effective way to relax your senses. You just browse your photos in your camera roll, download some scrapbooking printable and you are good to go.

You can also print your digital papers and elements if you want to do some traditional scraps. Or print templates and make some easy-to-do mini treat boxes for your kids. You can enjoy doing it alone or with your family and friends while watching TV or just hanging out in your terrace. Join me on Instagram where you can see my Scrapbooking Adventures.

Scrapbooks Motivate

Some people are motivated when they see something that inspires them, like a scrapbook.

Since we usually document our happy memories through scrapbooks, we can easily grab one and pick up good energy from it. For example, when you are feeling tired of your daily work, you just stare on your scrapbook with photos and stories of your family and you will be energised in no time. The photos of your loved ones will keep you going any you will remember your big WHY!

It is so convenient to scrap these days because you can just download the papers and elements you want to use for your scrapbook, print them and start right away.

Also, you can save more money when you choose to print your papers and elements yourself because you don't have to buy things when you see them but print them every time you want to use them. This also saves a lot of space in your home! Use them as often as you need them for your digital scraps. Print and use them for your other paper crafts, bullet journals, and many more projects. Your imagination is the limit!
So the question how to get into scrapbooking is easily answered: Choose a scrapbooking kit, print the papers and elements you need, grab a few pictures and start to put your page together. In the end, don't forget to add a story!

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