How to find your Style

When we first start drawing/illustrating/designing it feels like there is so much pressure to quickly find your style that many newbies feel paralyzed by indecision.  Here are a few myth-busters about finding your style to help alleviate some of that creativity-killing pressure:

  • There is no rush to “find your style”.  You’ll continue to redefine your style throughout your creative life, so don’t worry about finding your “one style” that you’ll stick with forever.
  • You can “fake it till you make it”!  Even if you don’t feel confident in your style, you can use a limited set of colors and themes to define your style.  For example, try using only 5 colors for a few months or try lettering in only one style.
  • You can have more than one style.  Not every artist/designer sticks to one style, although doing so can help you be more marketable to clients and freelance jobs.
  • So…how do you find your style?

    I want to change “find your style” to “uncover your style” because I believe that your style is something inside you that you have to work to bring out by peeling off layers of self-doubt and criticism.  Here are some easy ways to start uncovering your style:

    1. Draw/design/create as often as possible.  Daily is ideal because it keeps you in the creative mindset all the time.
    2. Don’t put pressure on yourself to find your style, but instead just worry about what colors/shapes/styles you like to look at in other artist’s work, then think about how you could apply that to your own.
    3. Do a monthly review of your work.  What colors do you use often?  What shapes are you drawn to?  Take note of those and start building your self a style sheet (similar to a branding sheet) where you keep notes about your favorite topics, colors, and styles.

    That's one of my patterns. It took quite some time bevor I found myself more a "minimalist" with a bohemian style. But who knows? Maybe tomorrow I love to create bold lettering! 

    Keep Learning

    I think the best way to find your style is to keep learning new skills and practicing your creative work until it becomes part of your daily routine.  
    I love helping artists and designers develop their style and skills in the Safari Lounge Designer Classes!  
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