How to draw a Unicorn

Wanna learn how to draw a Unicorn?
Because - everyone loves unicorns. Kids adore them. Adults are fascinated with them. You can find them anywhere - on bags, key chains, foods, pillows, movies, TV shows, and so on. We are absolutely obsessed with this mythical creature.

In this tutorial, I show you how to draw a unicorn together. It is so easy. Perfect for your kids' art  projects. You can also use this for your bullet journal and other projects.


To draw a unicorn, you need the following materials.

How to Draw a Unicorn 

In just a few easy steps, you will learn to draw a unicorn. Just follow along with me as I guide you through this tutorial.

  • 02:11 Let's Start Sketching the Unicorn
  • 04:39 Colouring the Unicorn 
  • 11:03 Outlining the Unicorn
  • 14:08 Add more Depth

Let's Start Sketching the Unicorn

First of all, use a pencil to sketch your unicorn in the watercolour paper.

Here's how it looks like.

Colouring the Unicorn

Next, colour the unicorn. To do this, you should add some water into it. Here, I use my water tank brush but you can use any brush for this step. Once you are done adding water, you can now use your light rose dual brush pen to colour the face. After that, add some darker shade of pink.

You can add some water every time you want to add and blend colours.

Go ahead, add more colours. There's no right or wrong way. I just want you to understand the technique here. Add water, then the lighter colour first, followed by the darker one. Also, add more water if needed so you can achieve the right blend of colours.

Here is another colouring technique. Moisten the paper with water, then add the darker colour first before you add the lighter shade. Add more water if needed.

Outlining the Unicorn

In this step, I use a black brush pen to outline the unicorn. You need bold lines if you want to use your unicorn for your t-shirts or mugs. But, of course, you don't have to follow this step if you don't want to make it bold.

Add more Depth

Lastly, use your stabilo pen and white sharpie to add more depth to your unicorn. Your imagination is the limit.

You're done!

Now, say "HELLO!" to your colourful unicorn. After you now have learned how to draw a unicorn there are a lot of fun ways to enjoy this. You can use it for your endless creative projects like bullet journaling, t-shirt printing, wall decorating, and a lot more. You can also share this tutorial with your friends.

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