How to draw a Giraffe with a Mood Tracker

Do you want to draw a giraffe with an included Mood Tracker? You might ask, what’s the purpose of a mood tracker anyway? Well, it can help you connect your feelings to what happened that day. You can root out why you’re feeling sad, angry, annoyed, or happy and perhaps change it. It also helps you better understand your triggers, which are things that trigger a certain mood. 
And even if you just wanna learn how to draw a giraffe that's fine, too. That's exactly what we do in this tutorial

If you feel like you need a mood tracker then you’ve come to the right place! You’re going to learn how to make a simple giraffe mood tracker for yourself or with others who you feel like would want or need this. 

How to Draw a Giraffe for your Bullet Journal

Here's an easy tutorial for you that will surely brighten up your mood. You just have to follow along as I guide you step by step on how to draw a giraffe for your Bullet Journal.

You can just click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 01:49 Let's Start Sketching the Giraffe
  • 02:58 Write the Title of the Spread
  • 04:00 Draw the Legend of your Mood
  • 04:33 Outline the Drawing
  • 05:45 Draw the Spots of the Giraffe 
  • 09:31 Colour the Giraffe

If you don't have time to draw your mood tracker, you can always go to our store and there you can download the printable. You can print and glue it to your spread, or you can use a graphite paper to transfer it. You have several ways to create your mood tracker.


And if you decide to draw your mood tracker, here's what you need.

Let's Start Sketching the Giraffe

First, get your pencil and sketch an oval on your first page. This will be the head. Then make a rectangle that goes through the head. This will be the neck. Go down to the base of the rectangle and draw another, bigger oval for the body. If you make mistakes or if it doesn’t look like what you wanted, erase it and start again. Nobody gets things perfect their first try, and that's okay.

Next, add the details. Press a bit harder on your pencil this time. Then draw the ears and horns (these are called ossicones) on the giraffe’s head as shown in the picture. Fix the body of your giraffe by adding legs and a tail. Then draw a straight line going through your giraffe’s back.

Write the Title of the Spread

Before we write the title, let's make circles to decorate it.

Use a coin to draw four circles at the top of the next page. Use your set square to connect the circles. Draw two dots at the ends. Now write, “MOOD”, inside the circles. Below it write, “TRACKER.”

Draw the Legend of your Mood

Use your set square to draw a straight line below the title. Add little lines at each end as shown, these will mark the end of your mood scale. Now, grab your coin and draw three circles beside the line. These will be where we put the colors of your mood. Now write, “good” at the top of the scale and, “bad” at the end. 

Outline the Drawing

Now use your Stabilo pen and go over the lines you’ve drawn in pencil. I personally like thick lines in the outlines of my hand-drawn drawings instead of the micron fineliner, but you can choose whichever you like. 

Also, go over the line which represents the mood scale, with your stabilo pen. Now be careful here or you will smudge the ink with your set square.

Draw the Spots of the Giraffe

Now, grab your pencil again and draw spots on the giraffe’s body. If you make mistakes, don’t be scared to use your rubber or eraser.

Grab your stabilo pen or micron fineliner and go over the spots you drew with pencil.

Then rub off any traces of pencil.

Next, use your  fineliner to write the days of the month in your giraffe spots. You will later color these spots in with the color that corresponds to your mood for each day. Then go over the numbers you wrote in pencil with your fineliner.

Colour the Giraffe

Now for the fun part! Grab your Zebra mildliners or any felt tips you have in hand right now, and colour the giraffe with yellow, except the spots. For the spots with no days written inside, I colour them brown.

Don't forget to colour your legend (the three circles on the right page of your spread).

I chose brown tones as it’s a giraffe we’re using for a mood tracker but that’s completely up to you. That’s what’s so great about bullet journaling, you can do anything you want and it will be fine and correct.

And that’s it!

You can now use the Mood Tracker Giraffe to track your mood each day of the month. 

Also, maybe you want to track your stress level together with your mood, so here's our Stress Tracker with a Cat in a Pillow for you.

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