How to draw a Flamingo

In this tutorial I show you how to draw a Flamingo in three easy steps.
Are you looking for some refreshing decoration for your cover or intro page? Here is a beautiful flamingo for you!

In this easy and quick drawing tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a Flamingo in 3 easy steps. Perfect for kids and beginners.

How to draw a Flamingo

Want to learn how to drawa flamingo? You can do it with these 3 easy steps.

Here is the video tutorial. You can click the links below anytime you want to watch that particular step in this tutorial.

  • 01:08 Let's Start: Sketch the Flamingo 
  • 02:09 Outline the Flamingo 
  • 03:11 Colour the Flamingo

If you need help drawing the flamingo, you can always go to our store, there you can find our complete sheet. You can download, print, and use a graphite paper to transfer the flamingo to your bullet journal.


If you decided to draw your own flamingo, here's what you need.

If you have everything you need, then let's get started!

Let's Start: Sketch the Flamingo

Use a pencil to sketch the flamingo so you can rub off unnecessary traces anytime.

First, draw an oval. This will serve as the body of the flamingo. Next, draw curve lines for the neck. Then, start drawing some feathers around the body. You will figure it out when you draw first the geometric figures.

Next, draw the head including the beak.

Then, use straight lines for the legs and feet.

Outline the Flamingo

After sketching, grab your fineliner and outline the flamingo. Also, fill in the eye and the beak.

Rub off any traces of pencil after you outline it with a fineliner.

Colour the Flamingo

Use your brush pens to colour your flamingo. Here, I use the colour rose first and then the pink shade. Just be careful when you use brush pens because they can get darker when you add another layer.

Lastly, add some water to your colours so they have a nice defined edges, Here, I use a water brush pen.

There you have you're simple and beautiful pink flamingo. You can use it for your Bullet Journal Intro Page, stickers, or anything you want to decorate and create. Your imagination is the limit.

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