How to draw a Deer easily

If you wanna learn how to draw a deer easily you are at the right place!
Are you looking for some wildlife-inspired decoration for your bullet journal spreads? If so, then this baby deer, aka fawn will brighten up your BuJo.

Take note, it is not just for bullet your journal but also for your other creative projects. 

Tutorial: How to Draw a Deer easily

Now you can draw a deer easily with these simple steps. Just follow along with me as I guide you step by step in this tutorial. You can always click the links below if you want to go to that particular step in the video.

  • 00:00 How to draw a Deer
  • 00:56 Let's Start Sketching the Deer
  • 02:48 Outline the Deer
  • 04:13 Colour the Deer
  • 05:36 Add Scenery 


Here is what you need to draw your deer.

Let's Start Sketching the Fawn

Use a pencil to sketch the fawn. Start by drawing an oval to form the body. Then, use other series of shapes and curves for the other parts of the body.

You can rub off any mistake as you continue to draw the other details of the fawn like the eye, nose, and hooves.

Outline the Fawn

Get your fineliner and outline your drawing. After that, rub off any traces of pencil. Also, use your Stabilo pen to fill in the eye, nose, and the hooves.

Colour the Fawn

Now, it's time to colour your fawn. Get your brown mildliner and start colouring the fawn. In this step, you can use any colouring materials that you have, like watercolour. Then, use your white sharpie to colour the spots on its body. After that, outline the spots again with your fineliner.

Add Scenery

After colouring the fawn, you can now add scenery so it will look nice. Draw falling leaves, mushrooms, and grasses on the ground using your pencil, and outline it with a fineliner, just like what you did to your fawn.

Then, add some colour to the scenery.

Good job!

You now have an adorable fawn that you can use not only for your bullet journal, but also for your scrapbooking.

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