How to add a Spread to your Digital Planner

A Digital Planner comes with some advantages, no question! You can easily add spreads week after week and do not need to draw them on your own, you can add as many pages to your planner as you want and you can easily get rid of pages you do not need (anymore). If you don't have a Digital Planner yet you might want to check out ours in the store.

As long as you have an Apple iPad* which is capable to use an Apple Pencil* you can start your Digital Planner journey right away. You also need GoodNotes (you can find in the App Store) to open your File and use it.

Please note: The Planner is undated so you can start at any time!

Add Spreads to your Digital Planner

Open your Digital Planner in GoodNotes or whatever App you've chosen (it might be different on an Android Tablet).

Click on the circle with the plus sign in the top left to open the menu. Now tap on „Image“.

A new menu opens. Now you choose the place where you’ve stored your files, for me it’s iCloud, for you it could be e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive. All of these services are free for a certain amount of space which is absolutely enough to store your digital planner files.

 Now pick your file. Here, it is named „Bookshelf.jpg“. Once you tap on it, it will open in your digital planner.

 Now you can position the file to your own liking. As long as you see the blue dots in the corners you can resize the image.    

Once you have the size for the image you need to tap somewhere in the Planner and the blue dots disappear.

Now repeat the process for the second bookshelf. This is how your Planner should look now:

Of course you can reposition your second bookshelf as well.

If you want to reposition your image at a later time just click on the Lasso Tool and draw a circle inside the image.

When you tap into the circle a new menu comes up and you can choose „resize“ and make the changes you desire.

 You are done! Now start to fill and decorate your spread. Of course it works in the same way for any spread, no matter if it is a bookshelf or a savings jar.

Digital Journaling is all about flexibility and adapting it to your needs. It’s a way to make a calendar your own and to add also all the personal things which go on in your life. 

A Digital Journal does not just help you to keep track of your appointments but also of yourself - it can contain everything from a mood tracker to a reading or movie watching list. Add what you need, expand and just leave the rest out. 

Because - Digital Journaling is about you.

Are you looking for the Bookshelf for your Digital Planner or Bullet Journal?

You can find the Bookshelf Spread in our Store, I've included files for your Digital Planner and Printable for your Bullet Journal

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