Hand Lettering: 365 New Chances to make this Year the best Year yet

Every day comes with a new opportunity. Grab these chances to make each day your best day ever! This spread is just perfect to start your New Year with a bang. Learn a new skill with this 365 New Chances hand lettering tutorial.

You can always download this spread from our store and print it as wall art or for your other creative projects.

How to Create 365 New Chances Hand Lettering

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to do this hand lettering. Also, you can always click on the links and you automatically go to that specific step in the video.

  • 01:18 Create the 365 New Chances Hand Lettering
  • 02:55 Filling In the Hand Lettering 
  • 04:04 Adding the Highlights
  • 05:05 Outlining the Decorations


If you want to draw the spread yourself, you will need these few materials.

Need a ready-made spread? Go to our store, download it from there and adapt it to your needs. I also added a PSD File so you can modify the colors to your needs.

Grab all that you need and let's get started!

Create the 365 New Chances Hand Lettering

First, you need a lettering that should get a 3D effect. To do this, use your pencil to write "365 New Chances" on the spread. You can always erase mistakes until you come up with a nice result.

Make it bolder so it should have enough space inside when you do the 3D effect later on the next steps.

Filling In the Hand Lettering

In this step, use your black dual brush pen to fill in your your lettering.  Also, fill in the entire background of "NEW" leaving out the word. You will outline it with a white sharpie later.

Adding the Highlights

 Next, use your white sharpie to add some highlights to your lettering. Also, use it to go over and draw the word "NEW" again.

Outlining the Decorations

Lastly, use your black dual brush pen to outline the stars to make them bold. After that, erase the traces of pencil so it looks nice and clean.

You're done!

Go ahead, spice up your life and make this New Year your best year yet. Create the life you always wanted. Don't worry if today is not a good day because tomorrow might be a great one!

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