24 Free Digital Scrapbooking Elements for Your Next Project

Free digital scrapbooking elements are available for download in the Treasure Cave. These elements include backgrounds, frames, borders, text boxes, and other items that will add beauty to your pages.

Choose a Background Image

To get started with your digital scrapbooking layout you first need to pick a background image. Usually digital scrapbooking kits have many different backgrounds included. The free digital scrapbooking elements from the scrapbooking kit "It's a Girl's World" come with enough elements and a paper to create a scrapbook.
Get these free elements from the Treasure Cave, choose your preferred graphic program such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Designer or Gimp and get started.

Open the Background Image

Create a new 12x12 document in Affinity Designer, click on "File" in the menu and choose place. Navigate where your background is and then click place. Drag the background onto your document. It should look similar to this:

I've added one more background to this scrapbook layout as well as a little shadow with the "Layer Effects" palette:

I choose again "File" and place to add a few more of the free digital scrapbooking elements. Once I add them I can resize them or turn them around with the little white handle:

I keep adding elements. I've copied the style I applied to the second background and also add them to the other elements on my scrapbook layout:

Last but not least I've added a photo of my little cat. She's a sweetheart, actually a little princess but hey, it's a Girl's World?!

This is how easy it is to create a digital scrapbooking layout with the free digital scrapbooking elements.
You can find all these elements and backgrounds for free in the Treasure Cave (you get immediate access once you've signed up for my newsletter) or, if you want to create a Mini Book you should check out my class where I explain step by step how to create a book from the included elements and papers.

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