Art Challenge

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Do you sometimes feel stuck when you look at your blank canvas (paper or iPad doesn't matter!)? It's frustrating - you know you wanna start "something" - be creative - start drawing - whatever but you have no clue what and, honestly, don't have enough time to figure that out for the next hours!
How nice would it be to start your creative process by jumping with both feet into a creative task?
That's what this free online class is for!

This is not a common class. I don't want to flood you with lessons you need to go through but ask you to join me. I'll ask you to grab your camera (or mobile phone, whatever is available!) and go for a walk. Or to do a search. Or to find inspiration. I take your hand and ask you to see the world through another set of eyes - not necessarily mine but for example through the eyes of a dog. Or a bird. Or...
Of course that's not all! You'll take on different perspectives, we will zoom in and out and have a look at the details. And, in the end, after participating in each challenge you have a set of pictures you can grab to jump into your creative process. You are not asked to do the challenges one after the other. It's more about participating in one challenge, getting a bunch of pictures and inspiration, start drawing and later, when you feel you need another boost you'll jump into the next challenge.
After all we'll have to use the time we have wisely. So we, for example, start with a walk through nature (maybe just around your corner?) and end up with a bunch of images that inspire us and help us jump into new projects whenever we have time!

Let's explore your creative self!

In this free Art Challenge you'll learn:

  • ... how to be inspired in no time
  • ... how to get into creative mood
  • ... how to see things differently
  • ... how to never be afraid of a blank canvas
  • ... that anyone can be creative!
  • ... how fun the every-day-around-the-corner-stuff can look if you look at it differently

Meet your Instructor

Artist | Graphic Designer | Teacher

"I have been a creative person my whole life. As a child I already loved drawing and later, at University here in Germany Art was my main subject. I studied arts to become a teacher and here I am. Beside teaching I love creating digital products and online classes - actually already since 2008/09. So the best idea was to combine both passions (teaching and designing!) an be an online teacher helping you to do the same - for fun or business!"

This Online Art Class is for you if...

  • ... you don't have that much time on your hand to be creative
  • ... if you are afraid of the "blank canvas"
  • ... if you do not always feel ready to create "something" when you have some time
  • ... if you don't wanna feel under pressure when drawing, painting and being creative but enjoy the process!

What you'll get...

  • ... 8 Lessons in FullHD (35 minutes in total)
  • ... 30 Pictures I took to help you get inspired and start right away
  • ... 6 Colour Palettes and 6 Procreate Color Swatches
  • ... 23 pages Workbook with art prompts for each month of the year
  • ... once finished you automatically get a Certificate of Graduation!
  • ...Subtitles in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese

Once you have watched the lessons and maybe even participated in the different challenges you might like to get further help. And that's why I created Art Challenge Workbook. Inside you'll find for each month of the year 6 different prompts you can use to explore nature with your camera or imagination and start drawing. All the things included in the class is for you to help you get "into the right mood" and start drawing whenever you have a few minutes (or an hour) on your hands.

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