Photos from your Smartphone: Canon Selphy CP1300

Love it or hate it, photos are considered part of our daily lives since we take our smartphones wherever we go. The iconic selfie is here to stay thanks to social media. Though there is a wide array of software and apps to post pictures, scrappers like us would still love to see our photos in their truest form - printed media. As you can see in the photos I usually print them out and put them into my Life Planner - a great way to scrapbook your life on the go! (Btw - if you like Planning check out ouPlanner Buddy Club where you can find tons of downloadable stickers).

The right printer can do wonders for scrappers - allowing us to printout directly from our device just like the Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Color Compact Photo Printer*. This printer can efficiently yield high quality photographs thanks to Canon’s dye sublimation printing process which enables CP1300 to produce outstanding images in less than a minute at a crystal clear 300x300 dpi resolution. In special Apps you can cut them into four pieces and add them to your Life Planner. This means you can scrapbook your life! Even after years you can look back at your planner and see what you did on a special day. Beside that, decorating with pictures is fun!

Photos from your Smartphone: Canon Selphy CP1300

Though there are lots of photo printers on the market, we can guarantee that with Canon SELPHY CP1300*, you’ll garner as much acclaim from your scrapbook viewers as this printer has easy to manipulate editing tools. You have red eye correction, portrait optimization and smooth skin filters on the fly. Most users of this printer (just like me 😉 )swear by the quality of printouts as pictures turn out vibrant and its color tones are always spot on.

High tech scrappers would surely love the USB Wireless Connectivity which makes printing so much hassle free. What we really love about the Canon SELPHY CP1300 is its mobility, imagine bringing along your printer anywhere you go so you can move freely and print practically from anywhere. It’s very lightweight. It weighs less than 5 lbs so you can take it with you whenever you travel.

Newbie scrappers would appreciate practicing taking photos and printing them right away. It even supports quite a number of mobile apps like when making photo collages, photo frames, photo booths and other what have you apps.

Pre-cut photo papers and other consumables are also readily available online and on computer stores. You may also avail of the value packages such as the Printer Bundle with Canon KP-108IN Color Ink and Paper Set* & Cable + FiberTique Cleaning Cloth to make move value for your money.

You can find your Canon Selphy CP1300* here

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