Candy Wrapper Template

This Candy Wrapper Template is included in the Vintage Fantasy Class. Have a look first and see how many things you can create with all these papers and templates!

There is nothing more special than a gift that has a “love factor”. Your gift should be infused with the love of the hands for the person who will receive it. Whether it's for the holidays or any special occasion, handmade gifts, especially if they are vintage, are always wonderful to give and to receive.

Are you out of ideas for small gifts? Here’s one for you. You can give these little treasures to the kids and kids-at-heart or pass them around at an event or party. They’re great for eating (the sweets, not the wrapper) and for decorating if you just want something vintage to display around. 

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Use the Candy Wrapper Template to Create Gifts

This tutorial is pretty simple and easy so you can finish it in just a few minutes if you are using the Candy Wrapper Template last minute. You can even do this with your kids, just guide them when using the sharp materials. 

You can always click on the links below if you want to go to that minute in the video.

  • 01:10 Let's Start Cutting Out the Candy Wrapper Template
  • 01:28 Cut Out the Diamonds
  • 02:51 Fold the Wrapper Template 
  • 03:06 Tape the Sides of the Wrapper Together
  • 03:31 Tie the Sweets Wrapper
  • 04:08 Your Vintage Fantasy Sweets Wrapper is Ready!


Basically, you just need the Vintage Fantasy Paper and the Candy Wrapper Template to create your sweets wrappers. Just print out your templates and papers (you get a PDF when you join the Vintage Fantasy Collection Class) using a good printer and you're good to go.

Cut Out the Candy Wrapper Templates

Grab your printouts and start cutting out the excess parts you don’t need. You need to cut the candy wrapper templates properly because they might not look good later when you fold them. Take your time, just cut along the border lines.

Cut Out the Diamonds

Once you’ve cut out the sides of the template, grab your cutter and cut out the inside of each diamond. Be careful when cutting these parts with your cutter. Use a cutting board or mat under your papers.

Fold the Candy Wrapper Template

Next, fold the dotted lines of your candy wrapper template using a bone folder. You can use your fingers and nails for this if you don’t have a bone folder, of course. You can go all over again to make sure that you can fold them easily.

Tape the Sides of the Wrapper Together

Now place a piece of adhesive tape on one side of your wrapper. It’s better if you use smaller tape for this so you won’t have to go through the fuss of trying to cut out the excess. You can also use glue for this process, but it will be a bit messier. 

Tie the Sweets Wrapper

Once you’ve taped the sides together, get some twine or yarn and tie one of the ends. Then put the sweets you chose for this. After that, tie the other end. 

Your Vintage Fantasy Candy Wrapper is Ready!

You can tie in a flower if you want to make it look prettier. 

And that’s it! Congratulations, you have learnt how to make vintage wrappers for your treats. You can use it for parties and events or occasions you would think the aesthetic might fit in or just for little gifts for the kids (and adults) in gatherings.

Create as many sweets wrappers as you need them. Just print the template and Vintage Fantasy Papers you have downloaded. That's the beauty of digital supplies - you pay once and you use them forever.

You can find more interesting templates and stuff like this if you join me at the Vintage Fantasy Collection Course.

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