Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Valentines Day

Want a Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Valentines Day? Because - February is a special month, it is the month of LOVE! It's the time when people show their affection for another person by sending cards with flowers or chocolates, with messages of love, or maybe something special hand-crafted!

Don't you think that it is also the perfect time to add hearts and flowers to your Bullet Journal Weekly Spread? This will surely inspire you every time you open your weekly spread.


Here is what I've used for this Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for February:

You can find the ready-made Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Valentines Day with many others in our Planner Buddy Club. You can print it and add it to your Bullet Journal with Graphit Paper, glue the paper into it or add it to your Digital Planner - just as you like!

Of course you cannot just use the spread for February. I've included an editable file for Affinity Designer as well as a JPG, PNG and PDF file without the monthly overview and heading. If you want to use the font I've used in the spread (I'm in Love Font*) you can find it here*.

How to Create a Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for February

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this tutorial. Just click on the links, and you automatically jump to that step in the video. I show you step by step how to create this weekly spread. However, you can, of course, add elements that you want for your spread.

  • 1:35 Draw the Frames
  • 3:45 Write the Headings of the Weekly Spread
  • 4:28 Make the Calendar: Month of February
  • 5:06 Highlight the Headings of the Weekly Spread
  • 6:43 Draw the Flowers
  • 12:03 Draw the Hearts
  • 12:19 Colour the Flowers
  • 13:18 We're Done!

Get your materials and let's get started!?

Draw the Frames

First, make sure to mark your spread correctly so that all your boxes will have the same sizes. We are going to draw the frames without using a set square, so you mark it with dots and use them as your guide. Draw three boxes on the first page and four on the second page. Leave the top left part for the February calendar.

Write the Headings of the Weekly Spread

Make a frame for your headings on the top part of each box, then write your headings - the seven days of the week. You can write and style them the way you want, it's totally up to you.

Make the Calendar: Month of February

In this step, you can use a dual brush pen to make calligraphy, but I prefer to use the Micron fineliner so it doesn't look too bold. I write "February" and make fake calligraphy.

Go ahead, write the days of the month.

Highlight the Headings of the Weekly Spread

Use a bright shade of Tombow dual brush pen to highlight the headings. You can use the colours of love just like peach, pink, and red.

Draw the Flowers

Draw a glass at the bottom left of the box, then draw some flowers inside it. Always draw as if the elements are in front of the boxes, just like we did with the seashells for our March Weekly Overview

Here, I use the corner of the box to draw the glass or the stem of the flower. You can see a difference when you draw this way.

Do the same with the rest of the boxes. Draw a different style of glasses and flowers for each box.

Draw the Hearts

Because February is about love, let's also add little hearts in our weekly spread. Draw two little hearts on the left part of the spread and make dotted pathways to each other.

Colour the Flowers

Use your Tombow dual brush pens to colour the flowers. Add a little bit of bright, then a little bit of darker shade. You don't need to colour the flowers entirely.

After that, use a paintbrush to add a bit of water so it looks messy.

We're Done!

Write the days of the week beside the headings and we're done!

Now you have your lovely Weekly Spread for February. You can use flowers and hearts for any month of the year for your bullet journal. Be creative.

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