Bullet Journal Tracker: Motivational Tracker

Bullet journals are motivational. Writing things down often make it seem more manageable and achievable. They are something of a mix of a daily planner, to-do list, and a diary.

So what makes you motivated? You can write them anytime you want on your journal. Create your own special Motivational Tracker and this will remind you of what you are, what you can do, what you will do, and your accomplishments.


For this tutorial you need a few materials. So here is what you need.

Of course you can draw the Motivational Tracker yourself but it is also available in the Sunset Scrapper Club!

How to Draw a Motivational Tracker for your Bullet Journal

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw this spread step by step. This will show you who you are, what you can, what you will, and what are your achievements.

This will surely motivate you every time you open your bullet journal.

Once you have all your materials needed, you can now follow along with me. Also, you can always click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video. 

  • 1:04 Let's Start Inscribing the Circles
  • 1:29 Drawing the Frame
  • 3:24 Putting the Black Washi Tape
  • 3:50 Writing "I AM", "I CAN", "I WILL", "I"VE DONE" on the Black Washi Tape
  • 4:40 Drawing the Moon and the Sun
  • 6:18 Putting the Bullet Points
  • 6:22 The Motivational Tracker is Ready!

Grab your bullet journal and let's get started!

Let's Start Inscribing the Circles

First, you need to inscribe circles with different sizes using a a pair of compasses.

Here, I draw a small circle in the middle, and draw a bit bigger circle around it. I need to draw another one as an outline.

Drawing the Frame

We need a frame for our motivational tracker, so for that, find the center of your frame using the set square.

Using a fineliner, I draw four straight lines to the sides - top, bottom, left, and right. I leave some space with the same size on each corner because we are designing that part later. 

Then, I draw a straight line just right through the center of the page.

Now, it's time to design the corners of our frame.

Draw curve lines on each corner, and draw another set of straight lines on the outer part of the first set of straight lines. You don't have to do this but I am doing it to make it bold. Close the squares and draw curves again.

That's it, we're done with the frame.

Putting the Black Washi Tape

Now that we have our frame, let's start designing the inside of our spread.

Grab your black washi tape and put some pieces on the spread. Tape two on the top, and another two at the bottom part. These pieces are where we are going to write for our next step.

Writing "I AM", "I CAN", "I WILL", "I"VE DONE" on the Black Washi Tape

Time to write on our black washi tapes.

Use your white shrapie to write "I AM" on the top left, "I CAN" on the top right, "I WILL" on the bottom left, and "I'VE DONE" on the bottom right.

You're getting motivated, am I right?

This motivational tracker is something unique and special because it has washi tape on it and white writings over the pieces of tape. You can always use a pencil for this part instead of a black washi tape, it's all up to you.

Drawing the Moon and the Sun

I use the brush pen to fill in the left part of the circle. This is the half of our moon.

Just don't forget to insert pieces of paper under the page to prevent bleeding.

Next, I use the fineliner to outline the circle. Don't mind it even if you don't achieve an exact circle. Just enjoy drawing it..

Then draw triangles on the other half of the circle. These are the rays of our sun.

Drawing the face is the fun part.

Our moon is sleeping and our sun is so alive, so draw a sleeping eye on the left and a wide-open eye on the right side. Don't forget to draw the smiling lips.

Putting the Bullet Points

Once you are done with the moon and the sun, it's time to put the bullet points because that is what this spread is all about - you want to write what you are, what you can, what you will do, and what you have already done or accomplished.

The Motivational Tracker is Ready!

You're spread is ready! You now have an appealing spread in your bullet journal. Start writing your achievements, goals, thoughts, inspirations, and other notes in an organized and creative way. There's no doubt that this will motivate you!

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