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    July 2012 Photo Challenge

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to thank everyone who entered the July Photo challenge, i will be the one who will take care of it ! I'm so happy to be here with you all !

    As we all know it's summer and summer is really a great season, sun, beach, sea, flowers etc

    Your Challenge: create a layout using a photo or photos from flowers.

    Be sure to post your layout in this gallery with the correct credits and then come back here and post your layout to show us what you've done!

    Also be sure to post the link to your layout in the July 2012 Challenge tracker thread, so that you get credit.

    In order to show your layout here you will find instructions HERE

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    What a lovely challenge. I took some photos of the different pots of flowers in our front yard a few weeks ago. These 3 sit in the middle of the yard in a scuplted rock area. They serve a dual pupose - giving color and drama to the area - but also hiding the above the ground access pipes to the sprinkle system located just behind the pots.

    Thanks for a fun challenge.

    ETA: Somehow it didn't end up in the photo challenge gallery yesterday. Reloaded it today so it is where it should be.
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    Pretty Bright Eyes!!

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    Thank you for hosting Lia.

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    great challenge!

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  7. Image linked

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