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    I am having problems making frames in PS CS5, can someone help me.

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    Atria, exactly how are you trying to make the frames that's giving you problems? You can make a frame with a paper, cutting out a square or rectangle with the center cut out, then add a Bevel & Emboss style to make the edges rounded or sculpted. How deep you set the bevel, the contour you use, and the texture (if any) you add will all have an effect on the final look of the frame. It's best to try out a bunch of things, with the preview turned on, till you get a look you desire.
    A simple frame could be made by using a paper that has a wooden look:
    1. Cut 4 strips of the desired lenth and width, all going the same direction of the wood grain. They should all be the same width. The length will vary for the two pairs unless you're doing a square frame.
    2. Cut each end of each strip at a 45 degree angle so the strips will fit together with a mitred corner.
    3. Rotate one pair of strips 90 degrees and move the strips so the corners match up with no gaps.
    4. Merge the four layers together to form the frame body.
    5. Add the Bevel Style. A simple bevel might have these settings:
    Bevel.jpg resulting in this frame:frame.jpg

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    Wow! This is a really cool tut, Dona! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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  5. Very nice tut! I am going to try this in PSE 9. Thank you!

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    You did a fantabulous job on this tut Dona, thank you for sharing with us!

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    Thanks so much for the tut. It's great

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    Thanks for the tut!


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