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Thread: Morning Coffee

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    Great to have you here, coffee and something yummy too. I hope you enjoy it here we have some great kits. have you been scrapping for long or are you new to it. If you have any questions ask them here and we will try and help.

  2. Thank you Paddy
    I used to use a lot of tagger size scraps for creating signatures but am now venturing into full size.
    Hoping to become better in the layout department.
    I am used to using paintshop pro so hoping I can learn photoshop for the full size work

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    I love Photoshop I have been working in it for a few years now and never stop learning new things, it's so exciting. Layouts get better with practice so the more you do the better you will be. But in saying that you need to look at other peoples layouts find the ones that talk to you and see if you can copy them. That way you will learn fast.

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    Great advice, Paddy!
    Have a great day,

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    I have had no internet for over a week!!! It's a nightmare you don't realize just how much you use and need it until you don't have it. My service provider decided not carry adsl lines anymore and sent out an email saying they weren't doing it anymore and stoped the service. It took me over a week to find another service provider and get my line moved over to them. the worst part of all this was trying to do it without internet. but my story has a happy ending I now have internet as you can see.

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    glad to have you back! what a nightmare - i feel with you
    Have a great day,

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    I am glad to be back!!!!!

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    What a hassle, so glad that things worked out for you Paddy.
    Hugs, Elaine

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    Elaine you are doing such an amazing job with the prevs.

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    Thank you Paddy. Just wish more designers would contribute to it like they used to.
    Hugs, Elaine


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