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03-25-2011, 03:47 PM
Anyone have an idea who to process multiple .png files to resize them without turning them into .tif or .jpeg files. It seems to be the only option in CS5 photoshop. In PSE 8, I can just run process multiple files and specify whether they should be .jpeg or remain the same, which is great for resizing .png files for storage reasons, keeping their transparency as well as clarity with .jpeg effect. But in CS5, so far, I cannot figure out how. IN the Actions or scripts there is an image processor but you have to specify either .jpg, .psd, or .tif. I don't want any of those. I have so many kits downloaded that space is an issue. Any ideas anyone? I'm keeping PSE 8 simply to resize at this point. I love bridge and I'm not so sure about CS5 as the learning curve is huge but I'm working at it...... <G>

03-26-2011, 02:37 AM
Karen - if you are sizing them down you will loose quality. I understand that some designers put extra super large elements into their kits which I find annoying as a scrapper myself. Those can be sized down without any doubt. But I personally wouldn't size the other stuff.
I recommend you buy an external hard drive - you can get 2 TB at reasonable price.
Other than that - you can record an action to resize.

03-27-2011, 03:02 AM
Thanks Carena.
So far, I've not had a problem with the PNG's in resizing. Sometimes the .jpg's don't do well, but for the most part, they're paper and I'm not too worried about them. its the flowers that come in at 8x8" or 2400 pixels and I can't use them at that size nor store that much. So, I generally resize them to about 600x600 at 300dpi. So far, I can't see a loss in quality, as long as I"m leaving the dpi settings and resampling. That said, on occasion, I do have a problem, generally if I've downloaded a tagger sized kit and do not realize the settings. They tend not to do so well, which I understand. And I have a bunch of kits and stuff which I've moved to DVD's and external drives but then I cannot remember what's where. So lately I've been just resizing them and so far its worked. Downsizing is never a problem. Upsizing could be a problem but generally I do not reduce them below where I'd need them- for the most part. I cannot print in 12x12" so normally I print in 8x8", and then if I"m going to use a regular 12x12 scrapbook, I just put it in a larger page. It works out. But somehow there has to be a way in CS5 to do this- and not put it into jpeg or a tiff.

Thanks anyway. I appreciate the answer, honestly


03-27-2011, 08:30 AM
I know exactly what you are talking about - I actually really hate it when scrapping a layout to have such massive flowers. I really feel it's totally inappropriate to have them at that size. For CU products - it's fine but not in PU kits. Grrrrrr drives me crazy.
Certainly in this case - resize them - actually I do the same thing myself.
Not sure if there is a short cut or quick option - I just resize by transform making sure not to distort, and trim and save.

03-27-2011, 12:04 PM
I'm using CS5 as well, and have to do it one at a time too. Unless you open the element and see how it looks, its hard to tell how much to reduce its size. Like you said, papers are easier. But instead, I did what Carena suggested -- and bought myself a 1 Tb EHD!