Scrapbook Tips & Techniques: Over 200 Scrapbook Pages and Tips

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Picture a photographic description of events in your life, only done in a unique way and you will understand why Scrapbooking never gets old. It may yet be the most interesting form of Journalism what with all the images, objects, articles, and all such things attached in one compiled, custom-made, volume. Scrapbooking is an art and whoever tries to tell you otherwise is definitely not your friend.

Now if you are a fan of Scrapbooking you may want to sit up right away and take notice because there is a new, hot, book in town dedicated entirely to the art of designing a scrapbook.

The book Scrapbook Tips & Techniques is a fount of information on Scrapbooking. The text is aptly named indeed and the book is so well illustrated that even if you are not into Scrapbooks, you could very well become a fan. Whether one is into scrapbooking with photos, printed media, or artwork, the fact remains that there is an art to scrapbooking. Apart from listing tips and ideas, it also uses pictures, diagrams and other vivid illustrations to depict the best ways to keep mementos of events, people, objects, history, news, and places. Imagine the world of possibilities stored up in one book.

The beauty of Art is in its originality and this affordable, easy-to-use book offers a lot of original ideas on the subject matter and also inspires new designs in readers… I can vouch for that one personally. With about 288 pages (in the Paperback version) dedicated to over 700 innovative ideas and suggestions from a variety of articles and columns, the marvel would be if you didn’t learn anything new.  Several design techniques are also suggested in the work as well. One could easily learn new fun tips on how to use chalk and even learn about more advanced arts like printing photographs on a canvas.

Scrapbook Tips & Techniques runs like a fun instruction manual on how to turn your scrapbook into an interesting and riveting work and I must say the book more than meets the author’s goal. Although, the work carters to the needs of beginners, it is still an excellent source of new and unique ideas for persons who are not beginners. It richly depicts the new techniques of keeping a scrapbook and the wonderful suggestions are amazing but you actually have to read it first to get the ideas being espoused in it. So yes, despite the fact that you may at the moment own three to fifty books on scrap-booking, you definitely need to add this one to your library because it is one of a kind.

Readers have all written wonderful reviews and the book is one of those that practically flies off the shelves so if you are interested in owning a copy, then you might want to look this up and order one from Amazon books.

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