Digital Scrapbooking Software – My Memories Suite

Digital Scrapbooking Software for beginners


Digital Scrapbooking Software - My Memories Suite

Digital Scrapbooking Software – My Memories Suite

There are many different graphic programs available for digital scrapbooking. As you may know Digidesignresort recommends Photoshop Elements but there is another one you should give attention to: the MyMemories Software Suite. The reason why we highlight it is is because it is a great software for beginners and available for Mac and Windows computers. You can use our digital scrapbooking kits with the My Memories Suite as well and implement them easily into the software.

We want to give our readers the best resources of digital scrapbooking tutorials on the web so we will publish tutorials series about the main digital scrapbooking software available.

In our series of digital scrapbooking tutorials you will learn how to get used to the My Memories Suite.

  1. Familiarising with MyMemories Version 3
  2. How to Customize Designer Templates in My Memory Suite
  3. Working with Text in My Memories Suite
  4. Adding Your Own Contents to Your Scrapbook Project in My Memories Suite
  5. Editing Images in My Memories Suite
  6. Make A Blog Header with My Memories Suite
  7. Share your Album on Social Media and Anywhere
For digital scrapbooking beginners who do not have the intention to ever work on image improvements the digital scrapbooking software My Memories Suite is one of the best. It is easy to use and even more important – it allows you to add digital scrapbooking kits from all over the web. The My Memories suite already comes with tons of digital scrapbooking embellishments and papers. These are ready to use and print. This is the most important advantage to use digital scrapbooking software instead of Photoshop Elements. So if you want to try out digital scrapbooking there is no easier and cheaper way to do so. With the code here you can even save 10 more bucks 😀

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