The difference between PNG, JPG and PSD files/ File types – Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

In this tutorial I show you the different formats you find in digital scrapbooking kits – JPG, PNG and PSD files.

I use the Kit “Eternity” by the Digidesignresort Designer Team you find in our store HERE.

In digital scrapbooking you usually find two different file types in your scrapbooking kits: PNG and JPG images. The huge difference between both is that PNG files have a transparent background while JPG images don’t have transparency. Embellishments in digital scrapbooking are usually in PNG files, backgrounds are usually in JPG files. Photos you take in your camera area also taken in JPG or JPEG.

Transparency on PNG files:

different file types in digital scrapbooking kits


No transparency on JPG files:

different types of images in digital scrapbooking kits


When you are still working on your digital scrapbooking layout make sure you save it as a PSD file because then the huge advantage is that you can access the different layers while you can’t do this once you’ve flattened the image. Just keep in mind to save your layouts – once finished – as a JPG because PSD files are usually very big in file size.

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    • monja says

      Hello Janet,
      thanks for your comment. Tagger kits are often used for Email signatures or sometimes web graphics. basically tagger kits are the same kits as “normal” digital scrapbooking kits – just the resolution is much smaller. e.g. a scrapbook page is 12×12 inch while a tagger paper is about 2×2 inch. it depends on what you are looking for but you are on the safe site if you just buy the real digital scrapbooking kits – this way you can always size down when you need the page for web but can also use it for high quality prints. hope that answers your question? if not – just let me know :-)

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